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We all share the world. Let's do so explicitly.


From the startup entrepreneur to the Fortune 500 company, every business produces text.

This material can either pass through an editor or go to print with all the typos, spelling errors, and stylistic flaws of a first draft freshman research paper.

Whether you need critical feedback or simply another pair of eyes to proofread a document, we ensure that your voice comes through clearly and professionally.




Copyedit Management emerged from two passions. 


First, I'm fascinated by the fact that bodies of knowledge and even entire worlds can open up using nothing else than different combinations of the same 26 letters.


Second, I find my deepest satisfaction in seeing others succeed. Rather than competing for a spotlight, I excel in helping those around me excel.

These converged naturally in being someone that peers sought as a helpful, critical eye. Copyedit Management arose from these guiding lights. 

     — Stephen Scheidell, Founder & CEO

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Our basic proofreading service only checks for spelling and grammatical errors. Word choice, sentence structure, paragraph structure, and so on will remain unchanged.


We have experience editing technical documents such as legal text, security policy, and academic writing.


We'll study the text you provide in order to find the clearest wording for what you want to say. As an optional feature, edits can be marked so you can approve or reject each particular change.


We can thoroughly study your manuscript for keywords and compile a list.



One of our writers can work with you so that your story, your ideas, and your voice are loud and clear.



We also offer a "ghostwriting light" option. One of ours can come alongside as a co-author. Just like typical ghostwriting, we don't ask to be credited.




Stephen was a pleasure to work with! I never had to worry about typos or grammatical errors on anything I published, because I knew Stephen would catch them all. He works well on his own and also worked well with my team. He kept me on track to post my daily content, which wasn't a part of his job description but showed that he truly cared for the well-being of my business. I highly recommend Stephen—he is a great asset to have.

— Elaine R. | CEO & founder of LadyBossBlogger



Stephen has been invaluable as a second set of eyes, even on extremely complex documents. His understanding of technical terms allows him to keep the documentation in its original context while improving the readability and flow.

 Michael S. | CISO, Security Privateers
I owe you my firstborn.

 Ryan M. | Assistant Artistic Director, New City Players.
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