Copyedit Management, founded by Stephen Scheidell, arose as the culmination of varied passions, two in particular: first, a fascination with the human ability to communicate through text and, second, a satisfaction from seeing others excel and succeed.

How is it that different combinations of the same 26 letters can produce such a wide array of works? In one book we are transported into a fantastic world, seeing and hearing things never before seen or heard. In another we travel back in time. In yet another the beautiful flow of words sooth our soul. Still another encapsulates a scholar's lifetime of study and research, thereby teaching students the world over that they, too, can fall asleep at a desk. Such a fascination led to becoming the nit-picky nerd that nobody wanted to talk to but everyone needed when they had to write something.

As to the second passion, though many find fulfillment in being the star of the show, others prefer being backstage on opening night, watching their work be made manifest by someone else's expertise. There is a specific enjoyment in winning, to be sure, but there is also a delight in being the reason that a friend or colleague succeeds. And some even prefer the latter.

In short, a peculiar love of language resulted in mastering grammar, and a preference for staying out of the spotlight resulted in the innate tendency to redirect the spotlight on someone else.