Stephen was a pleasure to work with! I never had to worry about typos or grammatical errors on anything I published, because I knew Stephen would catch them all. He works well on his own and also worked well with my team. He kept me on track to post my daily content, which wasn't a part of his job description but showed that he truly cared for the well-being of my business. I highly recommend Stephen—he is a great asset to have. 

- Elaine Rau | CEO & founder of LadyBossBlogger

As I prepared to publish my book, Bonhoeffer's New Beginning: Ethics after Devastation (Fortress Academic, 2018), I needed to hire an editor to create the index for the book. I had spent nearly 10,000 hours on the project, and its quality was extremely important to me. So I wanted to hire someone that I knew would be rigorously meticulous and care about the project as much as I did. I immediately thought of Stephen Scheidell and proposed the project to him. He responded swiftly and returned the index before the deadline. The value of his work far exceeded the price he charged me. I'm deeply grateful for his services and would enthusiastically recommend Stephen for anyone who needs excellent editorial assistance.

- Andrew DeCort | Ph.D University of Chicago, writer at, director of the Institute for Christianity and the Common Good

Stephen has been invaluable as a second set of eyes, even on extremely complex documents. His understanding of technical terms allows him to keep the documentation in its original context while improving the readability and flow.

- Michael Scheidell | CISO, Security Privateers

I owe you my firstborn.

- Ryan Maloney | Assistant Artistic Director, New City Players