PROOFREADING | $8 per page (250 words)

Have a document or an advertisement that you simply want double-checked before it's published? Our basic proofreading service will only alter spelling or grammatical errors. Word choice, sentence structure, paragraph structure, and so on will remain unchanged.

TECHNICAL EDITING | $10 – $15 per page

We have experience editing technical documents (such as legal text, security policy, and academic writing). Rates vary within the stated range according to the level of editing required.


Want more heavy-handed editing than mere proofreading? We'll study the text you provide in order to find the clearest wording for what you want to say. As an optional feature, edits can be marked so that you can approve or reject each particular change.

RESEARCHING | $50 per hour

Not have the time you want to gather up-to-date information in your field? The founder of Copyedit Management completed a graduate degree in theology with highest honors. The skillsets acquired—understanding difficult concepts, compiling information, and drafting a clear summary of the findingsare now available for hire.

BOOK INDEXING | $7 per manuscript page

Have a book ready for publication but missing an index? We can thoroughly study your manuscript for keywords and compile a list.

GHOSTWRITING | $0.50 per word

Have a story to tell or something to say but little to no experience writing? An author can work with you so that your story, your ideas, and your voice are loud and clear.

COLLABORATION | $0.25 per word

Want a "ghostwriting light" option? One of us can come alongside as a co-author. Just like typical ghostwriting, we never ask to be credited.

Prices above reflect suggested rates by the Editorial Freelancers Association.